It is getting to that time when many of us reflect on the year gone and figure out what it is we want to better or build upon for the next. We all know some of the classic New Year’s resolutions:




Just as we strive to improve our lives in the real world, it’s also important to think about how we can be better online. This year, we at Access Now are here to help make it super simple for you and your loved ones to include online safety in your goals for 2020!


Lately it feels like big tech is in the news each week for all the wrong reasons. From Cambridge Analytica mining millions of people’s personal data and Alexa listening to your conversations, to governments wanting to drop end-to-end encryption and spyware being installed on unsuspecting phones, we keep hearing scary stories of our personal data being stolen or misused. 

On a more personal level, everyone or someone they know has a story about an online attack. Perhaps your friend’s dad had his PayPal account hacked, or your partner received a suspicious email asking them to reset their online banking password. How about that time a journalist you follow on Twitter had their account stolen, or your neighbor’s boyfriend was reading her Facebook messages without her knowing? 

Protecting your privacy online has real-life consequences, and it doesn’t have to be a burden. There are easy changes we can all make to keep ourselves and our communities safer online.

With 2020 just around the corner, make a pledge today to do more to stay safe online. Here are three ideas for the first month of the year:


 ☞ Keep software and apps updated

 ☞ Turn off any unnecessary location services on your phone, tablet, or laptop

 ☞ Always visit ‘https’ websites (Simply by using the HTTPS Everywhere browser extension!)


And while you are at it, send a friend or family member a note to ask them to join you in making good choices online!



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