AT&T is selling your data to police


Under a program called Hemisphere, AT&T is selling analysis of your private call records to law enforcement agencies without any due process or warrant requirement. You don’t even have to be an AT&T customer or live in the U.S. to have your details included, and they will try to track you down if you change numbers. Because Hemisphere threatens your privacy, AT&T has tried to keep the program a secret.

Coincidentally, AT&T told us they “rarely receive complaints that company operations have negatively affected users’ freedom of expression or privacy rights.”

This is a chance to let AT&T know how how you feel about their disregard for your privacy.

We have created a form to empower you to take complaints directly to AT&T. We have some suggested language, but please edit it as you see fit by typing directly into the text box. Don’t let AT&T pretend we don’t care about privacy!

Speak up now - stop this program before government surveillance increases even more!

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Mr. Randall