Come Clean Telefónica: Am I Being Tracked?


You’re being tracked. Major telcos are using nefarious tracking headers to follow their customers’ browsing habits, and there’s no way for you to turn them off. We have solid evidence that at least 10 different carriers are using these tracking headers around the world, even though they make you vulnerable to surveillance and to exploitation by criminals.

Last year, we found out mobile carriers are secretly injecting “supercookies” into their customers’ smartphones and tablets for every single web request they make while browsing the internet. In response, we launched, where you can test your mobile device for these trackers. Since October 2014, more than 220,000 people from 164 countries have used the tool, and we’ve discovered widespread use by companies around the globe.

Our research indicates that Telefónica—Spain’s biggest carrier, with services across Europe and Latin America—is already using these tracking headers in Spain, but so far it has not offered a clear explanation of its tracking or pledged to stop. 

Take action now to urge Telefónica to respect your privacy and come clean on its tracking practices.

For more info, read our report The Rise of Mobile Tracking Headers: How Telcos Around the World Are Threatening Your Privacy (PDF).

Dear Telefónica:

As your customers and members of the internet's global community, we are seriously concerned about your use of tracking headers and other potential threats to user privacy. In light of the growing number of services that require secure mobile internet access, it is critical that you avoid exposing us to surveillance or to security risks posed by criminals. We urge you to provide full, clear, and honest answers to the following questions:

1. Have you ever used tracking headers? If so, when and how?
Have you ever marketed or sold user data to advertisers? If so, when and how?
3. What options have been or are currently available to your customers to opt out of any tracking program, including the use of tracking headers?

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