Stop France's All-Seeing Surveillance Eye


The lower chamber of the French Parliament just voted in favor of an international surveillance bill that would give the French secret service (DGSE) eavesdropping capabilities on par with the U.S. National Security Agency. The bill, officially called the projet de loi sur la surveillance des communications internationales, now moves to the Senate for deliberation.

We have to stop it.

If this bill makes it into law, French intelligence agencies would be allowed to spy on millions of people around the world. It would allow mass surveillance of international phone calls and permit the government to tap French undersea cables to vacuum up all internet traffic.

To make things worse, the bill includes limited mechanisms for independent oversight, almost no possibility for legal challenge, and excessive data retention mandates of up to 8 years.

Act now to convince members of the Senate to vote NO on the bill.

Dear Members of French Senate:

As a concerned member of the international community, I urge you to vote against the Surveillance Bill (projet de loi sur la surveillance des communications internationales), which would undermine the privacy rights of individuals around the world. Protect our rights by saying NO to the Surveillance Bill.

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