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RightsCon is the world's leading summit on human rights in the digital age, and its greatest value is the diverse community of voices who come together to build a better future.

It is one of the few venues where those who are most heavily impacted by developments in both technology and policy — in particular communities that are underserved, marginalized, or facing discrimination — can sit down with business leaders, legislators, and other stakeholders to express their point of view. Equally, it is a space for at-risk communities to gather together, draw strength from each other, and share innovative ideas for building a more equitable, inclusive, and rights-respecting world for everyone.

Each year, we provide travel assistance to as many grassroots civil society leaders from around the world as we can, working toward the goal that no member of the RightsCon community is excluded because of financial restraints. Will you contribute to the RightsCon 2019 Travel Fund today to help ensure these important voices are heard?

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